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A Story in Need of a Reader

I just found out about this awesome up-and-coming charity, Traveling Stories. (Thanks to HGRB, a favorite tumbler of all Bluestockings.) They donate books and money for a librarian to kids who have no access to books, and inspire a love of reading to kids that can get a hold of books.

There are several reasons my I like this charity, and why I intend to send some books their way. (Just as soon as I find some to pass along.)

Traveling Stories

Investing in imaginations. One library at a time.

1) They give books to kids!  I love books! Everyone here loves books! I assume you like books (or at least reading) or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. The love of reading is something that needs to be nourished, and cultivated. Kids need a variety of books to read from so they can find the sort of material they like.

2) They raise money for librarians! I want to be a librarian. (Not in El Salvador or Sudan, but in general.) It’s difficult to cultivate a love of literature without someone to offer suggestions or programming or just to make sure everything is accessible.

3) They are new! This charity began in January 2010. So I figure they need all the help they can muster to get them up and going. It was started by a few young women who saw a need. (Yay to awesome women out there changing the world!) The seem like an awfully worth cause to me.

So, in short, if you know of a good story that some kids might like to read you can donate a book to Traveling Stories and they will send that book on to a library in need. Or you could donate money to them. I’m sure the would appreciate either one.

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