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Whose Wedding is this Anyway?

While reading, I came across this small passage that reminded me of recent goings-on in the world. Keep in mind that Esther is the mother of Miriam. Once again, from Golden Country by Jennifer Gilmore:

“Mother,” Miriam said into the phone, the day after she had called to tell her parents the good news. Already the planning had begun. Esther insisted on having it in Portland [Maine].
“It’s my wedding!” Esther said.
“But it’s my wedding,” said Miriam.
“My mother had hers when I married [your father] Joseph, and now I’m going to have mine,” Esther said. “In Portland.”

her day, too

Basically, I disagree with this advertisement

I wonder how often this happens as far as weddings are concerned. A few years ago, one of my mother’s good friends, let’s call her Margaret, had a daughter who was getting married, let’s name her Carrie. Margaret became so absolutely obsessed with the wedding, who would be included in the service, and all the tiny little details that no one in their right mind even notices. Carrie just gave up. Carrie backed out entirely and let her mother do whatever it is that Margaret wanted to do. Carrie literally just showed up and got married.

Now, if a lady is alright with having no say in her wedding, I suppose that’s fine. But I think it’s sad. All too often mothers come in with what they want, and completely disregard the bride. I understand that a wedding is a milestone moment for the mother, but parents should really just back off a little. After all, this is supposed to be a defining moment in the lives of two people, and neither of those two people is the mother-of-the-bride.

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