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I hope everyone got the April Fool‘s post by Sapphire yesterday. I thought it was brilliant!

I’ve been watching The Winds of War and War and Remembrance lately. And there’s something that has struck me about all of the goings on throughout the mini-series which takes place from 1939-1945: How on earth did a woman survive with that luggage?!?

Seriously, take a ganger at luggage during the 30s and 40s! Sure, it’s beautiful, but not all that practical.

Louise Vuitton Luggage

Louise Vuitton luggage from 1890-1948

napping on luggage

Boy sleeping on luggage at Waterloo 1930

luggage store

Luggage Store of 1940s

As someone who has lived and is living out of a suitcase, I cannot imagine doing so on the space and inconvenience of old travel bags. Granted, less clothing was used which would be a huge space saver. Of course, if my clothing was tailored to me and of excellent quality, I could survive on less options.

I’ve been in enough antique stores to know how heavy those cases can get empty, much less filled with clothing. Between a purse, tickets and even one travel bag, a girl would have her hands full. How could she be expected to go gallivanting alone? No woman was really expected to travel alone, but just looking at one tiny factor like luggage, it’s clear that a solitary journey is effectively inconceivable.

Frankly, I’ve never been so thankful for a wheeled suitcase. In fact, my current expedition-ready incarnation involves an expandable top, 360 wheels, a retractable handle, as well asĀ  reinforced corners, top and bottom. I do love my modern advances!

For more information on luggage of the 1930s, check out this blog post from a couple of knowledgeable women, “1930s Travel Pt. 1 – Luggage” by The Painted Woman Blog.

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