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We started off this blog with New Year’s resolutions. In response to Cornflower’s post, I’ve decided to make public one of my resolutions in hopes that it will have a positive affect on my progress this year. In other words, I am publishing my resolution so that it will force me to follow through with it, knowing that you, readers, are holding me accountable.

This year, my resolution is to lose 30 pounds. Losing weight is a common resolution, and the back-to-back diet, gym, and meal plan commercials during the first week of January will attest to the popularity of this New Year’s objective. Why am I different then? Well, I’m not, but I am hoping that sharing my ambitions and (hopefully by next January) my success will be both entertaining and inspiring.

I’m not new to this kind of goal for myself, and in the past I’ve been successful. During my senior year of high school and the summer before I started college, I managed to loose about 30 pounds and have kept almost all of it off since then, but I think I still have a long way to go. Without getting too heavy (pun intended) for this blog, I’ll just say that I didn’t have the best school experiences because of my weight, among other things. I was bookish, friends with more teachers than students, and completely incapable of talking to boys. It didn’t help that I had been overweight since middle school. It wasn’t until college that I finally came out of my shell with friends who liked me, quirks and all, and the confidence that had come with feeling better about my physical appearence after losing a few pounds.

What I’m hoping for now is that I can recreate that transformation with my older, wiser self. Admittedly, I’m still the same girl who’d feel more comfortable chatting with her friends than walking up to a guy at a bar and striking up a conversation, but I’m pretty sure that my lack of confidence is linked inexorably to my body image. I won’t even pretend to be high and mighty and claim that I’m doing this to be healthier; heck, I never met a vegetable I didn’t like and my cholesterol is under 100. I’m totally doing this because I want to feel better about myself because I’ll look better. There are already some adorable dresses at the back of my ridiculously small closet bought in anticipation of losing a dress size one day (we’ll tackle the shopping problem later).

If I’m going to be honest with you, I really do feel out of place sometimes when I go out with my lovely friends because of how I look, and I’m tired of constantly comparing myself to my imagined perfect shape. I know I’ll never be a size four, but I can certainly improve on what God gave me. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’ve got junk in the trunk; “My Humps,” they are a-plentiful. For once though, I’d like to feel like I am in control of how I look and maybe learn to love leaner curves. I know I’ve got the family hips (there’s a family nose too which I thankfully didn’t get), and from previous experience, I’ll have to outwit genetics yet again. I know in the end the payoff will be worth it and maybe the new me won’t be so shy anymore.

It is going to be a rough ride, and I’ll need you to be cheering for me! I’m certainly not one of those people who enjoys exercise. It’s so terribly, horribly boring and there are many more interesting things I could be doing with my time, like reading. And since I can’t afford to join a gym, I’ll be struggling to do adequate workouts in my home with some hand-me-down fitness DVDs and a Wii Active game. I’ll be grumpy, I’ll be miserable, and I’ll definitely think of quitting before I even start, but, I’m going to do it. I’ve typed it and put it out there in the world for you to see, so it is real now.

Maybe I’ll inspire some of you to get in shape too, or to do something else to boost your confidence this year. Do you have suggestions for fun workouts? Words of encouragement? Care to join me in my quest? Comment below and keep your fingers crossed!

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New Years Daydreams

I’ve never thought of myself as a romantic. Mushy, lovey-dovey things make me uncomfortable and I never understood the appeal of Romeo and Juliet or Wuthering Heights (besides the beautiful writing).  Instead, I want to reach inside the pages and shake some sense into these stupid people.  And don’t even get me started on Twilight. So, I was surprised when I started Georgette Heyer’s The Talisman Ring and found myself identifying with Eustacie, the most romantically inclined heroine since Anne Shirley.

Eustacie longs for adventure and romance and wishes she had gone to the guillotine in France wearing white.  She says to her cousin Sir Tristram, “But consider!  You would be very sorry for a young girl in a tumbril, dressed all in white, pale, but quite unafraid, and not attending to the canaille at all…” (Heyer).  See the similarities to Anne Shirley?  Fantasizing about her death and how much everyone will miss her?  Later Eustacie hatches a plan to run away and become a governess.  Of course, the eldest son of the family, will fall in love with her and they will be married—after much initial discouragement from the son’s family.  What’s romance without a little struggle?

Clearly the French Revolution is over and there aren’t any guillotines in the Boston area that I’m aware of.  Nor do I plan on running away (although running to Mexico given the job market has some appeal).  So why did I find myself relating to Eustacie?  Recently, I too, have been subject to dramatic romantic daydreams.

Before going home this Christmas I imagined myself and a certain nameless boy from home having one, if not more, romantic evenings.  I should probably back track here and fill you in on our history.  I was (and still kind of am, but that is arguable) a shy person.  In high school whenever I called said boy to invite him to group things (one-on-one dates were totally out of the question) I’d get super, super nervous.  One day he even asked me if I had just come back from a run I was so out of breath!  Well so continues our relationship, all through high school and college.  Eventually it got to the point where we could hang out and I could hold a decent conversation, even if it was just the two of us.  Then, last year on New Years a group of us all went out to a bar and towards the end of the night we started dancing and in my inebriated state telling him of my unrequited love seemed like the perfect next step.  He was surprised (which in itself is surprising because everyone else knew) and then he kissed me.

As you probably guessed, said nameless boy and I did not, in fact, have any romantic moments this year.  We were never alone together and last year was not mentioned.  I generally don’t believe in long distance relationships, and was not expecting anything of the sort.  Instead I wanted acknowledgement?  Reassurance that it wasn’t a pity kiss?  Some sort of understanding that he has similar feelings since he currently is, and probably always will be, one of the rulers to which I measure guys?

Well, just like Eustacie, when my current daydream crumbled I created a new one.  I would meet a nice, attractive guy at the big New Years party, we’d share a midnight kiss and he’d fall madly in love with me… or at least we’d date for a while.  I looked great, the party had a rockin’ theme—everything seemed to be in my favor.  But, instead of stealing glances and flirting with the man of my dreams that night I ended up dancing with a guy who got a little too excited… if you know what I mean… and then kissing his friend (in my defense, I didn’t know the two were friends until overly-excited guy pulled me away from his friend).

Trashy, no?  Not the picture perfect evening I had planned.  I place the blame entirely on my stupid daydream.  When I met each guy I knew neither was the one for me, but maybe, just maybe, it will work out with one of them.  Because after the first dream crumbled, this one had to come true.  Obviously, unlike Eustacie, my romantic fantasies did not come to fruition.  Instead I ended up with two phone numbers I didn’t want and feelings of regret.  Am I really that desperate?

Well no more!  I now resolve to be more like Miss Sarah Thane, the other heroine of The Talisman Ring. A romantic who seeks her adventures through travel and new experiences.  And hey, in her travels she found and fell in love with Sir Tristram.  Perhaps one day I’ll find my Sir Tristram and if not, well, I’ll have had a hell of a lot of experiences.

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Have you ever noticed how many more commercials there are for gym memberships and stop-smoking aids this time of the year? Because, of course, all of those New Year’s resolutions we make to improve our lives. I’m sure most of us have made resolutions. (I know I did.) A new year, a new life, right?

I was a little curious as to how far back this tradition went back. I don’t recall reading a book of historical fiction which included resolutions, well, not of the New Year variety anyway.

Although, according to two very reliable internet source (wilstar 43things) both the celebration of New Year’s and resolutions started with ancient Babylonians. Granted, these sources may be perfectly valid. If that’s the case, I wonder why I’ve never read about it before. Although, my memory could just be failing me.

Now, I realize this post is a bit out-of-scope (and for a starting post, that’s really not good,) and it’s awfully presumptuous to assume our non-existent reader base will comment. However, I thought I’d give it a try anyway.

It’s said that telling others about resolutions will help you to keep them. Accountability is a good thing, after all. So, who has made resolutions? If so, what are they? And if you’re back-reading this at a later date, have you kept your resolution so far? Have you ever read a book which discusses New Year’s resolutions?

My resolutions are as follows:
1. To exercise on a regular basis.
2. To train my dog better.
3. To post regularly to and build up our new blog. 😉

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