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It is my pleasure to present to you the most awesome video on YouTube. Ever. It’s hysterical and the music even has a good beat. Watch it first before you continue reading below to avoid spoilers.

Now that you have seen this amazing music video creation, let me explain why I am so obsessed with it.

First, this is a blog about bygone times, boys, and BOOKS. Enough said.

Second, this guy is the male version of me. Well, maybe I don’t rock a hoodie and Brutus hair cut like he does, but this video is my reading behavior in a nutshell. When I showed the video to my mother, first she laughed and then she stared at me and said, “Oh my God, does this guy know you?”

I am a very focused person who has excellent concentration and can apply myself to any task wholeheartedly. If you give me a spreadsheet to make, it will be the most fabulous, fantastic spreadsheet ever created by mankind. Let me organize your desk and the paperclips, rubber bands, and thumbtacks will all have their own separate jars, things will be color-coded, and neat stacks of papers made in logical arrangements. Ask me to multitask though, and it will all blow up into a mess of confusion.

Unfortunately, I have never been a good multitasker. I am one of those people that needs to focus on one thing at a time, or else I end up repeating steps and forgetting what I had been doing. This humiliating and disadvantageous fault applies to my most favorite leisure activity, reading. In college, I could sit for eight hour blocks reading or studying without breaks, with perfect concentration, in complete silence. I can’t read while music with lyrics is on in the background. When the roommates got home, the headphones would go in with some Beethoven loudly drowning out the white noise of televisions, chit-chat, and puttering.

People usually know not to disturb me when I have a book in my hand because breaking away from it usually means breaking my concentration and losing my place in the story. Especially when I am reading for entertainment, I tend to get sucked into the time and place of the plot and can be so absorbed that World War III could start, and I wouldn’t notice. Thus, I am not a happy camper when something or someone breaks my flow.

I have been known to give curt, one-worded answers dripping with disdain, shout at the intruder, or slowly place my “daggers of death” gaze on him or her.

Therefore, when I saw this video, I immediately recognized a kindred spirit. Here was someone who understood the audacity of persons who think it’s alright to approach someone with a book in his hands, those plot defilers who pry you from the story to ask you if there are any more garbage bags in the house or what’s cooking for dinner. These inane questions, most of which could be answered by the inquisitors (you have eyes and an able body, look and see yourself), are bombardments purposefully meant to annoy me and to impede the progress of my novel.

So, if we ever meet, you now know; “Don’t you ever EVER interrupt me while I’m reading a book!”


P.S – The similarities continue… I also have no qualms about Mr. Smith taking a child’s birthday present. This might make me a bad person, but at least I’m honest.

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